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Stand out from the competition with a custom and professional logo you'll love. We create professional, custom, logos for businesses - in any industry. From wordmarks and logotypes to emblems and letter marks, we do it all.

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Logo Design Pricing Packages

Logo Design Package


Best for growing businesses, in competitive markets, that need more than “just a logo”.

  • Logo Discovery phase
  • 4 Design Concepts

  • All Logo Style options
  • Unlimited Logo Revisions
  • All logo file formats
  • Premium Fonts for Logo
  • Customized Logo Font
Logo Design Package


Great logo design package for small businesses that want a premium logo with more options.

  • 3 Logo Design Concepts

  • 5 Logo Style options
  • Up to 3 logo revisions

  • Premium Font Selection
  • Up to 3 file formats
  • Standard font selection
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Character & Mascot Styles
  • Customized font
  • Discovery
Logo Design Package


Good starting logo design package for businesses that want to get started fast and are on a budget.

  • 2 Logo Design Concepts

  • 5 Logo Style options
  • Up to 2 logo revisions

  • Standard font selection
  • Up to 3 file formats
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Character & Mascot Styles
  • Premium Fonts
  • Customized font
  • Discovery

Our Logo Design Process

Here is detailed, step-by-step, guide that will inform you of our design process. From first handshake to a beautifully finished premium logo.

  • Getting to know your business

We would first like the opportunity to get to know your business. What does your business sell? Who is your target demographic? Where is business conducted? etc. These, and more, are all questions we need to explore if we are to understand your needs.

  • Gathering project information

Now that we know more about your business, it’s time to talk about the project itself. We will go back and forth, asking and answering a series of questions that will allow us put together the best product solution for you.

  • Design, revise, and refine

Now that we know more about your business and the details of your project, it’s time to get to work. We will send you design concepts that will need to be reviewed. We will then discuss any adjustments that need to be made until we can present a refined product.

  • Finalize the sale & deliver goods

Once we have presented the final product, we will collect compensation for services rendered and deliver said goods.

Logo Design

Answers to some of our most commonly asked logo design process questions.

What file types can I request my logo be delivered in?2022-09-25T19:49:01-07:00

We provide the working file that will be in either .pdf or .ai and a finished version that you can request in either .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif.

How do you prefer to communicate and send files?2022-09-25T19:48:34-07:00

We prefer to hold meetings and speak over Google Meet or Zoom, as we can take calls and engage in video conferences. And we send and receive all files over email.

What payment options do you accept?2022-09-25T19:47:44-07:00

We prefer paypal, but accept online credit card payments such as visa.

How long before I receive my initial design concepts?2022-09-25T19:46:56-07:00

We ask that you allow us the courtesy of 48 hours to deliver you the initial concept art.

How long does it take to create a logo?2022-09-25T19:46:21-07:00

A short answer would be that it takes about 7 business days after your project’s start date. The long answer is, as long as it needs to be. We have finished projects in as early as 3 days and have taken up to 2 weeks. It all depends on how fast we can work together.