Having trouble increasing and driving traffic to your business?

We understand. Times are changing and what used to work 10 years ago doesn’t have the same impact today. Did you know that Internet marketing currently holds about a 42% of the market share, television comes in second at 36%, while Radio, Out of home (OOH), and Print marketing COMBINED only hold about 22%? Luckily we’re experts at internet marketing. Let us help you grow your business with online marketing.

Percentage of U.S. population who currently use social media

Your competitors are leveraging social media to grow their business. Can you afford not to?

The majority of the country, and the world for that matter, is on some sort of social media. A study released by Statistica in 2017 revealed that online marketing takes up about 42% of total marketing revenue. That number is steadily increasing about 6% a year. Given the huge market share social media and online marketing has to offer, don’t you think you should advertise online?

We use Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter “direct targeting ads” to produce a marketing plan that specifically targets customers who have the highest chance to convert.

How social media can benefit your business

Platforms we work with include: