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Want your website and it’s pages to load fast? We can audit your website and pass it through our 10 point inspection to see how we can improve your page speed scores on website speed test sites like gtmetrix, page speed insights, and pingdom.

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Slow loading times are killing your website

A slow loading website attributes to high bounce rate (customers immediately leaving upon arrival) and contributes to poor search engine rankings and placements (as Google wants show a list of websites that provide the best experience).

We will audit and optimize your website for better performance

Performance Audit Detailed Reporting

We create a detailed report of all of the points where we can potentially make improvements to better your page speed, interactivity, and user experience. We then use this initial report as a benchmark to compare improvements.

Website Optimizations for speed and performance

  • Efficient caching policy

  • Eliminate render blocking resources

  • Pre-load headers

  • Minify and combine html, css, js

  • Connect to Content Delivery Network

  • Upgrade to faster hosting
  • Lossy & lossless image compress

  • Serve images in webP format

  • Lazy-load images, video, and iframes

  • Clean database tables

  • Serve content over HTTPS

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