Slow loading times are killing your website

A slow loading website attributes to high bounce rate (customers immediately leaving upon arrival) and contributes to poor search engine rankings and placements (as Google wants show a list of websites that provide the best experience).

We will audit and optimize your website for better performance

Performance Audit Detailed Reporting

We create a detailed report of all of the points where we can potentially make improvements to better your page speed, interactivity, and user experience. We then use this initial report as a benchmark to compare improvements.

Website Optimizations for speed and performance

  • Efficient caching policy

  • Eliminate render blocking resources

  • Pre-load headers

  • Minify and combine html, css, js

  • Connect to Content Delivery Network

  • Upgrade to faster hosting
  • Lossy & lossless image compress

  • Serve images in webP format

  • Lazy-load images, video, and iframes

  • Clean database tables

  • Serve content over HTTPS