What is UI (User Interface) design?

A user interface is what the viewer sees and interacts with on a web page. It is the culmination of various website elements, their styles and motifs, and the way they make you feel. Essentially, a good user interface design clearly aligns your brands image with the viewers feelings.

Example of user interface designs.


What is UX (User Experience) design ?

UX design is how a viewer interacts with the page and how it makes them feel. This concept is better explained by examples.

  • Let’s say you have a beautiful banner at the top of your page, that is to say, that it looks visually compelling, but it isn’t clear as to what the page is about or what the service or product is. How do you think the viewer is feeling? Probably confused. They don’t know if they’re on the right page or if the content on the page is going to answer their question or solve their problem.
  • You may have a great, self hosted, promotional video on your page, but it causes unreasonable amounts of page load time. This frustrates the visitor causing them to think there is an error, or something wrong with the page, leading them to exit.
  • Lastly, the website might look great on a desktop, but when viewed on a mobile device the layout becomes cumbersome to read.
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