What is Google search console?

It is a free website tool, created and provided by Google, that helps webmasters better manage their website.

What does Google’s search console do?

It shows you your website’s performance indicators (clicks, impressions, position…), current indexing status (pages crawled, valid, invalid, errors…), perceived experience indicators (core web vitals, mobile usability, page experience…), security issues (if any), and ideas on enhancing your website.

Why should I setup a Google’ search console for my website?

Setting up a Search Console for your website enables you to:
Link to Sign up for Search Console.

  • See performance statistics like total clicks, impressions, average CTR and average position.
  • See what viewers are searching for when landing on your website (gives you a better idea which pages get the most traffic to target for optimizations)
  • Check website page coverage. What pages have been indexed as valid, which have been excluded, and which have errors.
  • Allows you to submit sitemaps for google to crawl and consider indexing your pages.
  • Submit request to remove content, temporary removals and outdated content.
  • Receive email notifications of any unusual events that may occur on your website. This includes indications that your website may have been hacked, issues with Google’s ability to crawl and index your website, or site violations against Google’s “Search Quality Guidelines

What do I use Google’s search console for?
Link to google’s search console help section

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